Conditions that Warrant a Tooth Extraction

Conditions that Warrant a Tooth Extraction

Feb 26, 2019

Many a times, even after proper care and precautions, need of tooth extraction arises. Tooth extraction is the last option for patients who suffers from severe tooth decay and damage. When the issues are extreme, it is made sure that the tooth is extracted at right time so that the infection does not spread to other teeth. Doctors at White Rock Dental clinic can provide comfortable tooth extraction procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth or third molars are teeth that usually grow in teen. Not all wisdom teeth are problematic but in some cases they can be painful which makes it essential to extract it. Also when wisdom teeth has unusual angle that can irritate individual, tooth extraction procedure is must to obtain. Sometimes there is no space in mouth for wisdom teeth to grow and in such cases this is removed so that it does not create any problem for rest of the teeth.

Other Tooth Extractions

Even though tooth extraction is the last chosen procedure for any patient but in several cases it is the only way to eliminate the dental issue. In cases when there is issues such as tooth decay or damaged teeth, tooth extraction is the only option left with the dentist. When decayed tooth are a problem they are removed so that they do not cause any harm or infection to the remaining teeth. Often, tooth extraction is chosen in cases when teeth have improper shape and extraction is essential. Dentist at White Rock Dental clinic also suggest tooth extraction for overall oral health.

Find Out More about Tooth Extraction

Everyone has a fear of tooth extraction, patients thinks that tooth extraction can be extremely painful but when the procedure is performed by expert dentists of White Rock Dental clinic with right sedation and medications, this can be reduced. Dentists at the clinic suggest tooth extraction as last solutions for any teeth issues. They carefully analyze the dental issues before suggesting tooth extraction. When you need suggestion with the same, you may consult an expert.