Dr. John Hanna

Dr. John Hanna


I was born in Cairo, Egypt. I graduated from a French high school, and I speak Arabic, English & French fluently. Since childhood, I dreamed of working in a profession that would help relieve pain and provide comfort to people. I enjoy carving by hand as a hobby in my spare time.

Dentistry became my profession of choice, as it combines art and science. So, I started school & graduated from the School of Oral & Dental Medicine, Cairo University in Egypt. I then started my private practice and practiced for almost 7 years before coming to the US.

I earned my DDS degree from UT Health Science Center San Antonio, then got my IV sedation training before I moved to Dallas.

I intend to continue participating in medical convoys, as I have in the past, in an effort to relieve pain and provide comfort to communities, while doing what I love best. This has been one of my lifelong ambitions; to serve God, and my brothers and sisters.