Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Dallas TX

Have you or a loved one experienced an accident that has resulted in a dental emergency? Looking for an emergency dentist in Dallas? At White Rock Dental we are proud to offer emergency dentistry in Dallas for any patients in need, our practice is always accepting new patients. Whether you have a toothache, have lost dental work or have even completely knocked out your tooth, our Dallas emergency dentist provides a range of treatments perfect for addressing your emergency dental needs. Not sure we can help with your dental emergency? Feel free to call our practice, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


While most toothaches develop slowly, in certain situations they can come on suddenly and be extremely painful. We recommend gently brushing your teeth and rinsing with warm salt water. If the toothache persists, contact White Rock Dental for emergency dental care in Dallas.

Damaged Teeth

Has your accident resulted in a chipped, cracked, fractured or even broken tooth? We recommend trying to locate any pieces and then gently rinsing your smile. Regardless of the extent of damage, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our emergency dentist in Dallas. We offer various treatments options that can restore your damaged tooth.

Damaged Dental Work

Have you broken your braces, lost a filling or cracked a veneer? If possible, locate the dental work and bring it with you. Next, we recommend contacting White Rock Dental for emergency dentistry near you. We’d be happy to correct the dental work so that you can be assured your smile is still protected.

Partially Dislodged Teeth

Has your accident resulted in a tooth being partially dislodged? We recommend gently rinsing your mouth and then trying to push the tooth back into the socket (if possible and not extremely painful). Next, contact White Rock Dental for immediate dental care near you. Time is important when it comes to trying to save partially dislodged teeth.

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