Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay in Dallas TX

Tooth decay is the silent enemy of your mouth and teeth. It is caused by bacteria and leftover food in your mouth that turns into plaque, calculus, and eventually forms cavities and causes other dental issues. At White Rock Dental, we perform thorough examinations in order to prevent tooth decay. Our advanced dental technology makes pinpointing and fixing dental issues easier than ever before. You are in good hands at White Rock Dental in Dallas, TX.

Hours of Operation

We try to be as convenient as possible for all patients. Our office is open closed on Wednesdays, but we are open every other day Monday through Saturday. We are also available to handle any emergencies you may experience. If you need emergency dental care, do not hesitate to call our office and arrange to come in for dental services. We can take care of broke, cracked, chipped, or missing teeth as well as other issues.

Advanced Prevention

We use the most advanced technology available to prevent tooth decay in the most effective way possible. We can concentrate on decay prevention, protecting teeth from damage and decay. Regular cleanings can significantly reduce the chance of developing any dental problems that have to do with oral hygiene, like cavities. It is important to visit your local Arlington dentist at least twice a year. This keeps your teeth healthy and lets your dentist see if any changes are happening to your teeth, gums, and any of the surrounding tissue.


Cavities are formed when sugar and other food particles are not cleaned from teeth. These particles turn into plaque, eating away at the enamel of teeth and causing cavities to form. These cavities can occur on the top of the tooth or in between teeth. They often cause discomfort when eating or drinking. Cavities are best prevented by regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings.

Schedule an appointment with a White Rock dentist as soon as possible to keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy. Do not let tooth decay sit in your teeth – see a dentist to remove calculus and other bacteria.