Tips for Tooth Extraction Recovery

Tips for Tooth Extraction Recovery

May 01, 2019

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure. One of the most significant reasons behind wisdom tooth extraction is the pain they cause. While the eruption of wisdom tooth is a natural process and for some people it may be easy, for others it can be a nightmare because of the pain and dental issues.

Apart from wisdom tooth, people also get their other tooth removed because of infection and decay which is beyond repair. Let’s have a look at some tips to follow after extraction for quick recovery:

  • Intake of medicine

If the dentist in Dallas has recommended you to take any medicines, they should be taken as prescribed at the mentioned timings.

  • Avoid eating hard food 

After the tooth extraction procedure, people find it difficult to chew because of the effects of removing gum. Thus, it’s advisable to take soup and softer food items only.

  • Cover the part with ice.

The area with swelling should be packed with ice for relieving pain. Try the remedy for two days and you will feel the difference.

  • Use straw when drinking

It’s important to avoid drinking water directly from the glass or bottle as you have to protect the site of extraction. You can make use of a straw for drinking water and any other juices.

  • Avoid smoking and drinking liquors

The swollen area may react with the contents in alcohol, so it’s better to avoid drinking alcohol for a while. You must also stay away from cigarettes.

  • Brush softly

While brushing the teeth, rub the area gently and massage with swollen area.

  • Use extra pillow

A night before the extraction, use an extra pillow for sleeping to keep the blood flow in mouth steady and prevent clotting.

  • Use gauze

The gauze is offered after extraction for preventing bleeding. You need to bite the gauze and change once they get covered in blood. In case the bleeding doesn’t stop, call a dentist.

  • Call a dentist for further advice

If you don’t feel comfortable and the pain seems to get worse, you must call an expert before it becomes severe.